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'It is remarkable what potential can be discovered and developed in Learners, and I aim to fully develop this amazing potential that exists within everybody.'

Annette Brenner

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Annette Brenner



About the Founder

Annette is 47 years of age. She was born and raised in the countryside nearby Bonn, Germany. Since 2010 she has been living in London, United Kingdom, where she first worked as an Accommodation & Welfare Manager at a private Language school. She then attended a course at a prestigious London college to qualify as an EFL Teacher.


Annette is a banker by training and studied Education. She also has many years of professional experience as a Lecturer and Trainer for bank trainees and worked as a Training Manager at a bank in Bonn, Germany. In addition, she has been a member of an examination board to test the suitability of trainers for more than a decade.


A travel experience from July to December 2017 has given her the opportunity to gain more experience in communicating with people of different cultures. This is certainly an advantage when teaching the English language. Teaching at a school close to Phonm Penh, Cambodia in spring 2018 has also enriched Annette's  Language teaching skills.



St Giles International London, United Kingdom

IBUKU School, Cambodia

University of Bonn, Germany

City of Bonn, Germany

Wohnimmobilien Claudia Ewenz, Germany


Annette thinks that helping learners of all ages but especially of young learners to improve their English is essential.